The ISTIC Library offers nearly 180 000 books and 1,500 current print subscriptions in the disciplines taught at the institute: mathematics, physics, computer science, electronics, electrical, embedded systems, robotics, and telecommunications. It provides teachers and researchers with a large set of specialized databases of e-books and e-journals. The library is divided into two areas: the Study Library and Research Library.


The study library is open to students and teachers-researchers of ISTIC well as authorized external readers, on the presentation of their student cards. It contains almost all books published in several copies, as well as various- specialty books.


The Research Library is intended for teachers-researchers and ISTIC research students and authorized external readers. It has 200 reading seats, wifi access and several computer stations. The Research Library offers a wide range of recent books and free access to research level and to the international academic journals related to research pioneering disciplines at The ISITC.