َISTIC Presentation

The ISTIC is a public university institution created by the decree No. 2011-1010 of 24 August 2011 and the decree No. 1645 of 2012, under the administrative supervision of the University of Carthage. Set up in the 'Ecopark of Borj cedria, the Institute provides a high-level training in the fields of information technology and communications, as part of the LMD system (bachelor / master / doctorate).

With an anticipated reception capacity of 1460 students allocate to License, Master and Doctorate training courses, our academic institution offers young learners optimal learning conditions envisaging initiating a higher education in the field of ICT through means up to its ambitions.

So as to achieve its teaching objectives, the ISTIC institute leans on an original educational team that comprises academics (teachers, teacher-researchers), professionals and business executives, as well as teaching advanced technological equipment installed in convenient newly-constructed premises.

Our institute trains future cadres that will contribute to the development of information technologies and communication in the ICT business major sectors of industry, services and research.

The training in the ISTIC is based on a multidisciplinary education that mobilizes a wide range of specialty resources in computer science, electronics and telecommunication sectors, each of which stands as ultimate aim of the arrangement principles of every single department. The training contained by our Institute is of two types:

  • Fundamental training in Computer Science and Telecommunications.
  • Applied training in Industrial Information Technology (IT), Automation Technology (AT) and Telecom Networks.

The common thread between these fields of study is mastering technology via the Internet communication. These courses, highly correlated to the Institute's research activities, are likely to evolve in line with imminent technological advances.

The training provided by our institution aims to guarantee enormous opportunities for future graduates, when entering the workforce, with a congruent mixing of technical sciences and humanities skills. And thus it allows opting in favor of either a quick occupational integration or enrollment for further studies in Master and Doctorate, not only in ICT but also in the field Robotic Engineering Science, Automation, Industrial Information Technology, Telecommunication Networks, Embedded and Mobile Systems, Cognitive Science, Web technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Information Processing.

The ISTIC's graduates will be well prepared to have occupations, whether through research or development, in the fields of robotics, mobile, mobile applications, web application development and video games, e-commerce, administration of systems and networks, management of multiple databases, Big Data, the Internet of Things and e-reputation.

The ISTIC training aims to enable future staff to build a personalized career path appropriate to their professional and personal aspirations, meeting the requirements of national and international market, while keeping a job repository to stake with the technological advances in the field of TIC.

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